The Keffiyeh, a.k.a Shemagh, Ghutrah, Hattah, Kufiya, and many more…



The keffiyeh or kufiya ( Arabic)  كوفية‎‎ kūfiyyah, meaning “from the city of Kufa” (الكوفة); plural كوفيات kūfiyyāt), also known as a ghutrah (غُترَة), shemagh (شماغ šmāġ), ḥaṭṭah (حَطّة), mashadah (مَشَدة), chafiye (Persian : چَفیِه‎‎) or cemedanî (Kurdish: جه مه داني‎), is a traditional Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf, usually made of cotton. It is typically worn by Arabs, Kurds, and some Jews.

It is commonly found in arid regions as it provides protection from sunburn, dust and sand. Its distinctive standard woven checkered pattern may have originated in an ancient Mesopotamian representation of either fishing nets or ears of grain, but the true origin of the pattern remains unknown.

Toward the end of the 1980s, the keffiyeh became a fashion accessory in the USA and, during the 2000s, it became very popular among adolescents in Tokyo, where it was often worn with camouflage -style clothing.

Many Palestinian keffiyehs are a mix of cotton and wool, which facilitates quick drying and, when desired, keeping the wearer’s head warm. It is usually folded in half (into a triangle) and the fold worn across the forehead. Often, the keffiyeh is held in place by a circlet of rope called an agal (Arabic: عقال‎‎, ʿiqāl). Some wearers wrap the headgear into a turban, while others wear it loosely draped around the back and shoulders. A taqiyah is sometimes worn underneath the keffiyeh; in the past, it has also been wrapped around the rim of a fez. The keffiyeh is almost always of white cotton cloth, but many have a checkered pattern in red or black stitched into them. The plain white keffiyeh is most popular in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf – in Kuwait and Bahrain, to the exclusion of almost any other style. The keffiyeh is worn by men of all ages, whether on the head or around the shoulders.

In Jordan, the red-and-white keffiyeh is strongly associated with the country and its heritage, where it is known as the shemagh mhadab. The Jordanian version has decorative cotton or wool tassels on the sides; the bigger these tassels, the greater the garment’s supposed value and the status of the person wearing it. It has long been worn by Bedouins and villagers and used as a symbol of honor and/or tribal identification. The tasseled red-and-white Jordanian shemagh is much thicker than the untasseled red-and-white shemagh seen in Persian Gulf countries.

In Yemen, the keffiyeh is used extensively in both red-white and black-white pattern and in some traditional Yemeni designs and colours. Before the 1950s, multi-colored tribal shemagh were used widely; nowadays, these are mostly worn only in Yemen and Oman, while the black/white, red/white or pure-white styles have come to dominate in the countries of the Persian Gulf and Levant. The shemagh is part of an ancient Middle Eastern headgear tradition.

In Malaysia, the keffiyeh has been worn by Muslim women as one of hijab fashion and during Palestinian struggle against Israel that has caught the attention of international media, many Malaysians wore it to show solidarity action for Palestine.

The keffiyeh, especially the all-white keffiyeh, is also known as the ghutrah. This is particularly common in the Arabian Peninsula, where the (optional) skullcap is called a keffiyeh. The garment is also known in some areas as the ḥaṭṭah. Roughly speaking:

Ordinary keffiyeh

A piece of white/orange/black cloth made from wool and cotton, worn primarily by Palestinians.


A piece of cloth, usually made of cotton or flax and decorated with many colors, but usually red and white; worn primarily by Saudi Arabians and Jordanians.


A piece of white cloth made of cotton mild, worn in western Iraq and by the Arabs of the Persian Gulf states.

For a video on how to tie a keffiyeh, click HERE.

It is worn by inhabitants of North Africa and Egypt.

How to Fix Windows Update error 80070003 in PC

How to Fix Windows Update error 80070003 in PC

Though Windows-10 was published for many months today some times unplanned errors may occur and those errors is mistake 0x80070422. Exactly like many Windows-10 errors, that is not too difficult to repair, if you should be with this mistake you may desire to take a peek at our solutions. Error 0x80070422 usually takes place if you are attempting to upgrade Windows-10 through Windows Update, also this mistake prevents you from downloading Windows upgrades. This is often considered a large problem because your machine may possibly be exposed and you’re going to lose to the brand new attributes, but luckily for you there is ways to repair this.

Solution 1 — Be sure Windows Update service is running

Once Services window opens locate Windows Update support and double click to start its own upgrade malfunction
In Windows Update Error Properties locate Startup Type and out of the dropdown select Automatic. Additionally assess the provider status, of course, whether the status isn’t defined to Running click on the Start button at which section to launch it.

Click on OK to save preferences and restart your PC.

Solution 2 — Customize IPv6

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Down load ReimagePlus (100% safe download and supported by people).

Click “Start Scan” to get Windows conditions which may possibly be inducing PC issues.
Click “Repair All” to correct all difficulties.
Many users assert that disabling IPv6 helped them to eliminate this particular issue, to accomplish this follow those directions.
Open Control Panel and go to Network and Sharing Center.
Locate your connection, click it and then choose Properties.
You ought to see the listing of items. Find Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and assess it.
Click OK to save changes.

Restart your computer and find out whether the matter is resolved.
You can also do that through the use of Registry Editor.
Type regedit to the Search bar and select Registry Editor from the listing of outcomes.

Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesTCPIP6ParametersWindows 10 Update Error 0x80070422 3
Click on the Parameters over the left sidebar and then select New > DWORD (32bit) Value.Windows 10 Update Error 0x80070422 4
From the name field input DisabledComponents.
Click the brand new DisabledComponents value and select Modify.Windows 10 Update Error 0x80070422 5
Input ffffffff as Value info and press OK to store changes.Windows 10 Update Error 0x80070422 6
Close Registry Editor and restart your PC.

Solution 3 — Assess EnableFeaturedSoftware Data

Proceed to Start > type “regedit’ > hit Enter to start the Registry Editor
Located the next crucial: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Computer Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Windows Update > Auto UpdateEnableFeaturedSoftware Data
Assess EnableFeaturedSoftware Data and also be certain its value it is set to 1.
Remember that based on your own Windows-10 variant, the trail to accomplish EnableFeaturedSoftware can be marginally different.

Solution 4 — Re-start Network List Support

A number of users affirmed that restarting the Network List Service repaired the situation for them. More importantly, whatever you want to do is to turn off this service and transform down it or only restart it. Here are the steps to follow:
Proceed to Start > kind ‘run’ > Doubleclick on the very first Lead to start Run
Now type services.msc > launching Windows Services
Find Network List Service > Click it select Restart. You can also pick Stop and Restart.Restart Network List Support
Attempt to upgrade your own computer to find out if the error continues.

Solution 5 — Run Windows-10’s upgrade Trouble Shooter

Windows-10 has an integrated trouble-shooter that may immediately mend overall technical problems affecting various Windows components, for example, Update service. Therefore, if mistake 0x80070422 still stays after trying all of the solutions in the list previously, consider running Microsoft’s Update trouble shooter. Proceed to Start > up Date & Security > Trouble-shoot > click Windows Update > operate the Trouble Shooter

Since you can view malfunction 0x80070422 can give rise to a whole lot of problems as it keeps you from performing Windows upgrades, but luckily for you, this dilemma is readily resolved. In addition, we need to mention the same mistake, with exactly the exact same error code might result from anti virus, therefore in the event that you encounter it, take a look at this website link.
Anyhow, if you have got additional hints about what best to repair this mistake, don’t hesitate to list the actions to follow along with the comments below.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally released in December 2015 and was since completely revived and upgraded to get freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.