Hirbawi Premium Arabic Scarf 100% Cotton Shemagh Keffiyeh 47″x47″ Arab Scarf (Black White)

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Whether you are wanting to display appreciation for your Arabic heritage, show solidarity or simply looking for a way to add a bit of style to your black and white outfits, this fashionable scarf is the perfect choice for you!

This classic 47″ x 47″ black and white Arabic scarf is traditionally known as Keffiyeh, Kufiya, Hatta or Shemagh scarf. They are made in Palestine by Palestinian people and imported directly in order to ensure the highest level of quality assurance and authenticity.

You can dress them up or you can wear them with casual outfits such as jeans and a tee. The large size allows them to be worn as a neck scarf or used for a wide variety of other purposes such as a protective head covering, a handy towel or a comfy throw blanket. Unlike lesser quality scarves, ours are incredibly soft and extremely comfortable. They are made out of a breathable cotton material which keeps you cool on hot summer days and warm during the cold winter months.

The black-and-white kufiya is often referred to as the unofficial Palestinian flag, and carries deep meaning for many who wear it. There are numerous stories about the origin of its pattern. It is said to represent a fishing net, a honeycomb, the joining of hands, or the marks of dirt and sweat wiped off a worker’s brow, among other things.

Well, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to add one of these stylish Arabic scarves to your collection of fashion accessories.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Our products are more expensive than the competition, but the quality outweighs the price difference 10 to 1. We feel that if you are after a keffiyeh or shemagh, you should, at least, experience the real one first hand, and if you don’t fall in love with it straight away you can return it.

Kufiya Nation is authorized Hirbawi re-seller. We sell Premium Hirbawi scarves that are meant for export and are of the highest grade cotton material.

Customer Reviews

Great Shemagh!

 on August 15, 2016
By Alan
Beautiful dark blue color! It is a lot bigger than what I expected, my first time purchasing it, and I am completely satisfied with it. I use it for almost everything: blocking the sun on my head, head band, scarf, lunch, etc. Will recommend and purchase again!

The best of the best

 on January 17, 2016
By Nichole Hosein
This screamed “top quality” right out of the bag. Delivery took 2 days which is amazing! One gentle wash and it softened up so much that my toddler now thinks it’s his blanket! These ones are Authetic and lovely.

This is the best by far of all the Shemagh I own

 on February 18, 2016
By Sgt. R. Helvegen
Listen up Ladies. This is the best by far of all the Shemaghs I own. The quality screams at you right out of the package. Weather or not you support the struggle in Palestine or not, If you use it for tactical purposes or as a statement of support, or just want the best quality available, I believe that this scarf will last you for years. Unlike the cheap re-pops from China. I support quality workmanship and authenticity, no matter what part of the world I’m working in.

Works great in 115F heat

 on July 27, 2016
By lex
Best one on the market. I bought this last month for a hiking trip out in the Mojave desert. It was 115F and this worked like a charm to keep me cool. A bit pricier than others yes, but you wont be disappointed. I have bought the cheaper ones as well, and was disappointed with them… both in size and material. You get what you pay for. So if you want the best, get this one.

High quality – just what I was looking for

 on September 10, 2016
By OphirDude
Disclosure: I have no association with the seller nor did I receive any price breaks to entice purchasing the product. Note that I am an Amazon Prime member (preferential shipping)

quality authentic product

 on May 22, 2016
By med student
digging the tactical color. it is as described, will sometimes show up as olive green, other times yellow, depending on the way the light hits the cloth. quality AUTHENTIC product. 4 stars because of a small defect. overall, i am very satisfied because it is thicker and larger than the ones that are made in China that are often worn by hipsters. Much much better than the ones sold by Tapps Collections with over 2000 reviews on Amazon.

Fantastic quality! This was the first of two shemaghs …

 on November 23, 2016
By Amphibiou5
Fantastic quality! This was the first of two shemaghs that I bought from HibrawiUSA. I support the struggles of the Palestinian people and will continue to show my support through the purchase of these shemaghs. The unique patterns and color schemes Hibrawi offers and the quality at which their shemaghs are made is extraordinary. The product is very comfortable straight out of its packaging which aside from hanging them is the probably next best way to store them (can’t find anything with a quick google search).Folded in half its a bit wider than my 6ft armspan. I use the shemaghs while I ride my road bicycle to keep me warm and suppress the wind. These are light weight, unique, and supports something we could very well lose in the near future. If you’re struggling to decide which shemagh to get, spend the extra money and buy the good s*** that supports a cause that matters! They’re the biggest and best shemaghs on the market!

The Reviews are Legit!

 on July 31, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Was looking for a keffiyeh from different outlets. Glad I stumbled on this link instead. Was impressed with the sheer quality and quantity of the praise this one got, and wasn’t sure if it would live up to the expectations – but it definitely has so far. It’s soft, very well made, and came super fast. Like nearly every reviewer has said, the quality clearly shows right out of the box. Other keffiyehs often are super thin, scratchy, and gauze-like; not soft, medium-thickness, cotton-like this one. You can only truly appreciate this keffiyeh after you’ve seen or bought other, cheaper, worse ones and then upgraded to this.

Best Schmagh/Keffiyeh out there

 on February 26, 2017
By Amazin Customer
I was turned onto “schmaghs” nearly 7 years ago when my friend joined the marines and he got me a traditional blk/white one. I lost that one a few years ago but have since purchased a couple more. This is by far the best one without a doubt. Amazing quality. I just ordered 3 more in different colors. Perfect for protecting head/face while hiking for extended hours in the direct sun. As well as a scarf around neck to help trap body heat during the winter. Roll it up as a pillow while hiking or use as an emergency sling if you break your arm. They are well worth the price for the superb quality and to support the Hirbawi factory over the cheaper options. Love the size!

Not bad for 26$

 on October 11, 2016
By Reid Kirschman
I’m used to polyester fabrics, so cotton is a change of pace for me. It’s was pretty itchy out of the box, but one wash helped a lot. The stiching isn’t perfect, but they are hand made in a factory and sold pretty cheap, so I would expect as much. Not a lot of loose threads, but there are a few I counted, all on the edges, which were kind of sloppy to be honest (one spot, the stitches almost went all the way off the edge). The extra thread helped me sow up an accidential cut I made in the fabric while I was removing the tag (a white tag is a very big contrast to olive drab, worth the damage to remove).

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