Hirbawi Kufiya Original Men’s Arab Scarf One Size Yellow on Sky Blue

Original Palestinian product produced by Hirbawi – “the last kufiya factory in Palestine”, since 1961. Yasser Araft used to wear a kufiya made by Hirbawi! Hirbawi was the first to create the Palestinian pattern to symbolize the Palestinian struggle: the middle pattern, with its “wire mesh fence” design represents the Israeli occupation, while the oblong-shaped patterns on the side represent olive leaves – a symbol of Palestine and peace.

Product Features

  • The “Real” thing, from Hebron – Palestine
  • Cotton Keffiyeh with real embroidery
  • Serves as a fashion accessory as well as a warming scarf
  • Sky Blue kufiya, Yellow classic Palestinian pattern embroidery, 2 edges with Grey fringes
  • Approx 120 x 120 cm / 47″ x 47″

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