Hirbawi Kufiya “Original” – Antique Green and Orange Keffiyeh with Green Fringes

Original Palestinian product produced by “the last kufiya factory in Palestine”. Hirbawi textile opened their factory on 1961 and produces kufiyas ever since. Yasser Araft used to wear a kufiya made by Hirbawi!

Hirbawi was the first to create the Palestinian pattern. The black and white pattern has come to symbolize the Palestinian struggle; the middle pattern, with its “wire mesh fence” design represents the Israeli occupation, while the oblong-shaped patterns on the side represent olive leaves – a symbol of Palestine and peace.

Product Features

  • The “Real” thing, from Hebron – Palestine
  • Cotton Shemagh with real embroidery
  • Serves as a warming scarf as well as a fashinable item
  • Antique Green keffiyeh, Orange Palestinian Classic Pattern Embroidery, Purple Stripes
  • 2 sides with Green fringes

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