Black / White Skull Print Arab Style Keffiyeh Scarf

This cool black and white keffiyeh, or traditional Arab scarf, measures 42 inches by 42 inches. Made of woven cotton, the keffiyeh has a center skull and crossbones print, has knotted tassel ends, and a soft feel. It can be worn as a head scarf or around the neck. These popular head coverings are also known as: keffieh, keffiyah, keffiyeh, kufiyah, kaffiya, kafiya, gutra, hatta, shemagh, Kafiyah, ghutra, gutra, hatta, kaffiya, kafiya, mashada, shemagh, or Arab scarves. The kafiyah is brand new, never worn.

Product Features

  • Made of cotton
  • 42 inches by 42 inches
  • Skull print

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